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About Bicicletta Vintage

Bikes used to cross the Alpes and the Pyrenees during the Tour de France, racers from weekend warriors, showing off their shiny campagnolo gear on sunday morning rides and all the other steel pieces of craftsmanship made in the 70s, 80s and 90s. These bikes are what Bicicletta Vintage is all about. Steel bikes with a (his)story.


I got hooked on these time-machines when I visited Rembetis in Berlin in 2010. The shop looked like a museum, full of classic bikes owner Georgios had collected over the years. Bikes were only sold to people who’d bring “love to his shop” and really cared about these time machines. I desperately wanted a bike for myself, so the hunt began.

A Concorde Aquila was my first vintage ride. A white racer from a Dutch brand that used Italian frames from Ciocc. Not much later I bought a second bike, and a third and it went on until my bikes took over half of my parents house. Like all hobbies it got a little out of hand.


I moved to a bigger workshop twice and in 2015 I started Bicicletta Vintage: a shop that sells vintage road bikes and parts for a fair price. I repair and restore them with utmost care and have pride and pleasure in doing so.

You can also contact me for all your professional repairs, general maintenance or custom builds.
Want to come by and have a look? Just send me an email.





Want to read more about how I started this hobby? Dutch magazine Bicycling and newspaper De Gelderlander interviewed me about my bikes (in Dutch).

To get an idea of my workshop, check out this photo series Dirk-Jan van Dijk made in my basement:

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