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Presto 1978

Yes! Another Presto, again build by Serier. In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful bikes that I own, unfortunately not my size but that is no reason for me to sell it... 


I've bought the bike in 2018 from a Danish student who lived in Amsterdam. She moved back to Copenhagen and was selling this bike on Marktplaats, the local eBay. Although Amsterdam is 1.5 hours away I jumped in my car right away and drove as fast as I legally could. A Presto in this pristine condition is extremely hard to find. Even in the Netherlands they are very rare and highly sought after.  

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find out who the first owner of this bike was. It'' clear is that this man (or woman) did not cut back on anything. The bike is assembled with a complete Campagnolo Super Record 1. gen group, with the rare Portacatena shifters and is also equipped with a leather Almarc handlebar cover. This person had quite an expensive taste!

As I mentioned before, this bike has been built by master frame builder Peter Serier in 1979. In my humble opinion he is one of the best frame builders we have ever had in the Netherlands. Just like the other Prestos I own the attention to detail and the build quality is sublime and just one of a kind.. Look at the beautiful details like the pantographed triple x's (xxx). This is Amsterdam's coat of arms. Or the slotted bottom bracket to guide the shifter cables or the square brake bridge. A truly amaziong piece of Dutch bike history.

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